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APUA Uruguay

APUA Uruguay was established in August 1998 with a diverse core membership from University Hospital, Ministry of Health, Secretary General of the Infectious Diseases Committee of the Uruguayan Pediatric Society, Antibiotic Committee of the Pan American Infectious Disease Society, and the National Burn Center at the University Hospital.


  • Act as a catalyst for scientific data collection and technical assistance.
  • Organize a national surveillance system for collecting data on antibiotic resistance from central hospitals and merging other available data in order to analyze these for support of empiric treatment and guidelines of health policies.
  • Develop a quality assurance including susceptibility testing.

Workshops & Studies Sponsored by APUA Uruguay

APUA Uruguay held its annual chapter meeting in fall 1999, led by Dr. Maria Hortal. Dr. Thomas F. O'Brien, APUA Vice President, gave a regional overview of the resistance problem and led a discussion among participants on therapeutic guidelines for community-acquired and nosocomial infections. Dr. Hortal presented her study on antibiotic use for the management of acute respiratory and diarrheal diseases in children under five. Having recently summarized these study results for PAHO as well, Dr. Hortal also coordinated a workshop on antibiotic resistance in common pathogens for the Central Public Health Laboratory. She also oversaw a session on medical implications of antimicrobial resistance at the Uruguay Society for Microbiology conference, where APUA member, Dr. Eduardo Savio, led a working group session on educating healthcare providers and the public on optimal antibiotic use.


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