The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is the nation's oldest and largest organization focused on the needs and concerns of medial students of color. Established in 1964 by medical students at Howard University and Meharry Medical College along with members of the Nation Medical Association (NMA), the SNMA boasts over 30 years of committed service to communities of color. In addition, the SNMA widely promotes medical education and encourages in the increased enrollment and retention of students of color in medical schools.

The SNMA represents nearly 5000 medical and premedical students of color. Presently, there are over 3000 active medical students members, hundreds of premedical student members and institutional and corporate members that continue to support the organization regularly. Many students continue their support of SNMA programs for years after having completed medical school. Although consisting primarily of African-Americans, the array of SNMA members reflect the organization's appeal to students and professionals from many cultures. SNMA members are African-American, African, West Indian, Latino-American, Asian-American and European-American which together brings a global perspective to the education and heath care issues within the organization.

The SNMA's programs and activities are implemented by over 142 chapters based in medical colleges and universities throughout the United States and Caribbean. Working primarily through its local chapters, the SNMA has piloted and continues to implement programs that directly serve or educate people about important health matters such as heath professions recruitment, teenage sexuality, violence prevention, heath maintenance and sex screening, and substance abuse. Members are also involved in premedical student recruitment, community outreach and public education.

Each year, the SNMA holds an Annual Medical Education Conference on both the national and regional levels. These conferences focus on topics of particular concern in the minority medical community.

Region VII of the SNMA is made up of chapters distributed amongst the many medical schools in the New England area including Boston University, Brown University, Dartmouth Medical School, Harvard University, Tufts University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Vermont, and Yale University. Region VII is proud of its long-standing commitment to the New England community and is dedicated to continuing its service and activities in the future.

For more info, contact Marlene Jreaswec, M.Ed., Program Administrator in the TUSM Office for Multicultural Affairs 617-636-0992