Tufts University  





Integrative Medicine &

Student Wellness Conference




Saturday, March 5, 2005

9am to 4pm

Tufts School of Medicine


A FREE one-day conference for Boston area health care students and professionals



Goal: To promote education and awareness about Complementary and Integrative Medicine among medical students and health professionals and to educate students on techniques for self-care during school and throughout their professional careers.




Tentative Schedule


  8:30-  9:30  Registration (Coffee, tea, healthy breakfast) including sign-ups for workshops

  9:30-  9:40  Welcome : Michelle Wong

  9:40-10:40  Live Grand Rounds: Multidisciplinary team evaluation of a Chronic Pain Patient,

                       Rick Leskowitz, MD, Janice Wesley, PT, Tamara Geist PT

10:45-11:45  Key note: Alternative,Complementary, and Integrative Medicine:  Definitions, Trends, and Research, Robert Saper, MD

11:45-12:45  Lunch

12:50-  1:30   Workshop #1*

  1:35-  2:15   Workshop #2*

  2:20-  3:00   Workshop #3*

  3:00-  3:15   Break/healthy snack

  3:15-  4:00   Closing: Self-care as a Model for Integrative Medicine, Harvey Zarren, MD


Choose from the following workshops*:

     * Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine           * Osteopathic Manipulation

     * Massage Therapy                                                       * Meditation

     * Qi Gong                                                                      * Art Therapy

     * Energy Booster                                                          * Art of Cupping and 4yr elective in China


    CAM Mini-treatments (IMA Mobile Clinic)





To register

Directions to Tufts University, Boston Campus

Conference will be held 145 Harrison Ave (Arthur M. Sackler Center for Health Communications)


Please dress comfortably and casual!


For further information, please contact bsim_conf@yahoo.com


Speaker Bios and Workshop Information




This conference is a project of the Boston Students for Integrative Medicine (BSIM), a collaboration among students in the Boston area aiming to encourage student wellness and education and Integrative Medicine.


INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE is a healing-oriented rather than disease-oriented medicine, combining the many facets of health into the art of healing. It integrates community with individual, science with art, mind and spirit with body, and incorporates multiple healing systems including biomedicine.


SPONSORS: Tufts School of Medicine, Tufts Wellness Committee, American Medical Students Association EDCAM Grant, Integrative Medicine Alliance