Tufts University is now accepting applications for next year's BEND program!


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Claire Moore
Gary Leisk
Claire Moore
(Sackler School)
Gary Leisk
(School of Engineering)
The Mission
We propose to create a short term training institute for undergraduate students in the quantitative sciences to train in several aspects of biomedical research, including nutrition, genetics, and medical imaging.

The Goal
To bring engineers and scientists together in multidisciplinary teams to solve new problems in health related biomedical research that, traditionally, have not been avenues for bioengineering. The program will be open to undergraduates in engineering and other scientific disciplines

The Process
The program will evolve beginning with a focus on diabetes, which we expect to cover the first two years of funding. From there we anticipate moving into the related areas of obesity and food intake. These subjects could lead in several other directions, including cardiovascular disease. We anticipate no lack of avenues for the program and we have secured preliminary support from a wide range of faculty.

Students will work on related projects within the main focus in several small groups with a graduate student mentor from engineering and a faculty research mentor from the biological sciences. We hope to bring students into active biomedical research programs where quantitative skills can be applied in novel ways.

School of Engineering
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