Music 66 / ES 95me
Electronic Musical Instrument Design

Spring Semester 2017
Instructor: Paul D. Lehrman
M W 1:30-2:45 pm, Granoff 252 — Lab: Curtis Hall

Teaching assistant: Matt Mueller

Required texts —(readings are not optional)
Lehrman and Tully, What is MIDI?, available from the instructor (not required if you have taken Music 64 or 65)
Course Pack at Gnomon Copy, Boston Avenue
Articles on Web, as assigned
Software and Hardware manuals, as assigned

Grade calculation:
Class Participation (including attendance): 25%
Class Assignments: 25%
Mid Term Exam: 20%
Final Project and Report: 30%

Assignments will be classified in two categories: solo and team. Solo assignments are to be completed by each student alone, and all work handed in must be the student’s.  Team assignments or projects are to be completed along with your team. All students are expected to contribute to every team project. Team members may be graded differently, depending on their contributions to a particular project and the quality of their report.

The Midterm exam will be written, and will be take-home. It is expected that all work on the exam will be the work of the student whose name appears on the exam.

Final Project & Presentation
Every student, working as part of a team, will design and build a  working prototype of an electronic musical instrument. These projects will be presented to the class and the Tufts community during Finals week.

You are expected to be on time. Attendance will be recorded and incorporated into the grading of the course. If you have a conflict that will prevent you from attending a class, please discuss it with me as far ahead of time as possible. If you are ill, or you are going to be late, please let me know (by e-mail), or else tell another member of the class, and make sure he or she tells me.
If you’re not going to show up, don't hang up the rest of the class waiting for you!
Remember: You are responsible for any information presented during a missed class.
Also: If you know you are going to miss a class, and you have an assignment due that day, you must arrange with me or another student to present the material: you must make your presentation materials or files available, along with written instructions explaining how it should be presented, and its major points of interest. If you don’t do this, your grade for that assignment will be zero.

The Lab, Equipment, and Software
Access to the lab is by key, whose location you will be told. Be sure the lab is locked when you leave.
• Do not use any equipment or software that has not been covered in class.
• Make sure all the equipment at each station is reset to its nominal settings, so that other students don't have problems. Turn off the audio systems,  instruments, synths, and electronics. Leave the computers on, but Quit all applications. Put away the tools, and clean up the parts bins.
• Make sure the door is locked when you leave. Work to make the lab as secure as possible. We don't want to lose any equipment or material.

Much of the documentation you will need is electronic, and can be accessed via the Web. Some manuals are only available in print, and live in the lab. You will be assigned readings in them, and of course you are welcome to use them for reference. Reading assignments in printed manuals must be done in the lab. You may not remove any printed manual from the room.

Make sure all of your computer files are stored in your personal folder on the computer, and also backed up to a portable or thumb drive. Do not leave files on the Mac Desktop. Assignments must be left in the designated folder on the computers.

Consulting and office hours
My office is in the Granoff Music Center, room 246, x75657. My office hours are Tuesday 3-4 pm, but I am also usually available for a brief period right after each class, and I will be happy to meet with you at other times, by appointment, for consulting and questions about the course work, your assignments, or other relevant topics. The best way to reach me is by e-mail. For emergencies only, I can be reached by phone at home. Contact Directory Assistance for Medford.
Matt Mueller,, 516 509 8275, is the teaching/lab assistant for the class. He is there to help when you are working on your projects.

Important Dates:

Jan 30 (Mon) Samchillian Lecture-Demo
Feb 20
(Mon) no class
Feb 23 (Thu) Monday schedule, class held
Feb 27 (Mon) Marimba Lumina Lecture-Demo
Mar 6-7 (Mon-Tue) George Antheil film fest,
    events at noon and 8 pm, attendance required
Mar 8 (Wed) Linnstrument Lecture-Demo via Skype
Mar 8 (Wed) Midterm exam (take home)
Mar 20-22
Spring break
Apr 17 (Mon) no class
May 1 (Mon) last class
May 4 (Thu) project help
May 9 (Tues) project presentations