Programming the Trigger Finger with Engima

Connect Trigger Finger to USB port.

Open Enigma.

Click “+” to create a blank bank.

Select Preset 1, give it a name.

To program a pad note: Click on note icon on pad, set CC to “147”. Put in note # (0-127). Set Vel. mode to Full. Set channel to 1. To send a muted note set CC to “255”.

To program a pad controller: Click on CC icon on pad. Set CC to whatever. Set channel to 1.

To program a slider or knob: Click on slider. Set CC and channel number.

You can copy and paste individual pads, knobs and sliders.

To get data into Trigger Finger: First twiddle any knob on the Trigger Finger. Then in Enigma Use Up Arrow to send bank. Then on Trigger Finger, press Memory Recall and P1.

Save your preset/bank: File>Export Preset Bank (to your folder, name it).