Music /ES 65 Fall 2016 Assignments and Readings
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due on the date specified

December 8

Listen to examples linked to in the text— download from site or

December 6

Read full interview with John Rodd from TapeOp magazine

December 1

Read in course pack: Surround Variations

November 22

Project 3 writeups and final project (group) proposals are due Monday (11/21) at 6 pm


November 17

Read in course pack: Synchronization and timecode basics, SMPTE Time Code Tutorial

November 15

Read ProTools Reference, chap 22
Lab: Work with Melodyne on the horn tracks in "Melodyne demo 2016 single track" on the server.
Read online: (very long!)
Read online: -- all pages under Introduction, Alloy Modules, and Meters.
More mixes to try from the server: Standing Before the King (studio) and Joel Larue Smith Sept 18 2016 (live--8 projects there, I suggest "Nefertiti") If you come up with a mix that you are happy with, OR you come up against a problem you need help solving, let's talk about it in class!

November 10

Watch video on ribbon mics:

November 3

Read Pro Tools Reference Guide chapters 42, 44, 45
Lab: Watch Tom Dowd Film. Open Music65 storage on server, look for "TomDowd.m4v", open it using QuickTime Player 7 (in the Dock) not QuickTime Player 10.

November 1

3rd project proposals are due Monday at 6 pm. Must involve four instruments (not including vocals) and must involve overdubbing.

Read in course pack: Dynamic range compression
Read in course pack: Phasing
Read in course pack: Flanging
Read in course pack: Modeling plug-ins

October 27

Read in course pack: Advanced reverberation; Use Reverb like a Pro 1
Read: Pro Tools Reference Guide chapters 39 and 43
Write up 2nd project report, due Wednesday 6 pm

October 25

Midterm is due by email 12 noon October 24!

Read: In course pack: history of sound recording (Wikipedia), “Canned Music on Trial” (text is duplicated)
Read: Thompson ch 13
Read: response to Tufts Now article

October 20

Read in course pack: David Moulton, Beyond Spectral Management
Read in course pack: The Ultimate EQ cheat sheet
Write: Second project reports are due Friday, 10 am, by email.

October 18

Read in course pack: Strawn p 38-end (or the whole thing if you haven't read the first part yet)

Do the readings you've skipped! Especially "Audibility of a CD-Standard A/D/A Loop"!

October 13

Read: White Chapters 10-12, 14
Read in course pack: Audibility of a CD-Standard A/D/A Loop
Read: (just the first page)
Read in course pack: Audinate Dante white paper

Present in class: team proposal for second recording project: up to 8 microphones, live mix to 2-track. No overdubbing. Due October 20.

October 11

Quiz is due by 6 pm on Monday, October 10, in Prof. Lehrman's mailbox

Project reports:

Read: Thompson ch 14
Read: in course pack Strawn: Digital Audio Concepts, through page 38 (dynamic range)

Read: in course pack: Basics of Hard Disk Recording part 1 (1994)

October 6

Read: Thompson chapter 2, start with “Ampllifer” up to “Computer”
Read (PDF): VRM Box User Guide pp 3-6

Oct 4Required: Martin Dombey talk Monday October 3, 12 noon, Granoff 155

Read: Thompson chapters 3, 4, 12
Look at

Sept 29

Read: ProTools Reference Guide pp. 440 "Record Modes"-474 "Recording from a Digital source";
pp. 517-523 "MIDI Clips and Data"
pp. 526 "Naming Clips"-563
Read: Thompson: Chapter 2 up to “recording console/mixer”
Read: Yamaha 01V96 manual (pdf here), chapter 5

Sept 27

First project is due Oct 6. Proposal is due Sept 27. Write down a one-paragraph description and bring it in.
You will make a recording with two mics. It can be solo piano, drumset, guitar and voice, or any two or more instruments. Members of the group can play, or you can ask other students to play. You will edit on the lab computers and make a 3-minute (more or less) version to play in class (although the original piece may be longer).

Read while looking at a Pro Tools Session in the lab:
Applications>Avid>Pro Tools>Documentation>ProTools>Pro Tools Reference Guide.pdf
Chapters 2, 11, 12 (skip from "MIDI controls" on p.193 to "Menus" on p 210), 13.


Sept 22

We will meet in Fisher. Please be on time.
Evening class: ALL STUDENTS, meet in room 155

Read in coursepack: Coincident or Near-Coincident Mic Placement Techniques, Spread stereo mic techniques
Read: White, chaps 9, 13

Sept 20

Read: White Chaps 5-8
Read: Thompson ch 7 (non-engineers can start at “Balanced vs. unbalanced connections”)
Read in course pack: Why does Proximity Effect occur?
Read in course pack: Using DI Boxes

Sept 15

Read: Thompson Chapter 10 (skip section on Stereo Micing techniques), chapter 11
Read: White chapters 1-4

Sept 13

Read in course pack:
"How hearing works"
“The Big Misconception”
"Why gear doesn't matter"
"Room modes"
Read in Thompson:
Chapter 5, starting with “Complex Sound (Fourier)”
chapter 16 up to “room treatment”

Sept 8

Read: Thompson Chapter 5 through p. 113.
Study the frequency chart in the course pack.
Read: In course pack: “iPod trend brings spike in noise-induced hearing loss.”