Music 62 / ES 65 Assignments and Readings

due on the date specified

Dec 5

Read, Listen to examples linked in text— download from site or

Read: on site Sound on Sound article on Rock Band VR

Dec 3

Watch: Matt Mayfield video:

Nov 29

Read in course pack: Surround Variations

Nov 20

Third project reports are due Friday Nov 16 by 9 pm.

Do a mix of Nefertiti (Joel Larue Smith) from the server. You don't have to do the whole six minutes, if you want you can fade after three minutes or so.

Nov 15

Third projects due
Download the Melodyne demo from the server and fix the horn parts
the interview with John Rodd

Nov 13

Read: Alloy help (excerpts) PDF
Read: Sound on Sound review of Melodyne 4

Nov 8

Do a mix of "Standing Before the King"

Read ProTools Reference, chap 24 (p 517)
Read in course pack: Synchronization and timecode basics, SMPTE Time Code Tutorial
Read in course pack: Technology of MIDI, MIDI messages

Finish watching Tom Dowd movie if you haven’t!

Nov 3

Read Pro Tools Reference Guide chapters 47 (p 999), 49 (p 1079), 50
Watch Tom Dowd Film
        • on server in lab: open MRAP storage on server, look for "TomDowd.m4v", open it using QuickTime Player 7 (in the Dock).
        • on Canvas

Nov 1

Read in course pack: Dynamic range compression
Read in course pack: Phasing
Read in course pack: Flanging
Read in course pack: Modeling plug-ins

Oct 30

Second project reports due Sunday 9 pm, by email.

Third recording project: Must involve at least four instruments (not including vocal) and there must be some overdubbing involved. Email proposal by Monday, 9 pm. Due November 15.

Read in course pack: Advanced reverberation; Use Reverb like a Pro 1
Read: Pro Tools Reference Guide (in lab!) chapters 41 (starts pm p. 887) and 48 (p. 1049)

Oct 23

Read: In course pack: history of sound recording (Wikipedia), “Canned Music on Trial” (text is duplicated)
Winer p.166 (middle) to 174 (middle)
Tufts Now response from Michael Fremer

Oct 18

Read: in course pack: Audibility of a CD-Standard A/D/A Loop FOR REAL
Read: in course pack: Dante Audinate White Paper
Read: (3 pages)

Oct 16

Proposal for Recording Project 2: multimic (up to 8) 2-track session in Pro Tools. Proposal due Tues 10/16 Project due 10/25

New teams:

Zev Hattis

Andre LaPan

Fifi Wong
B. Berke Imren

Tim Holt

Lauren Hassi
Ari Brown

Yekwon Park

Amanda Lillie

Scott Einsidler

Nathan Stocking

Ella McDonald
Erick Orozco

John Morgan Keane

Jacob Jaffe

Read: in course pack: Basics of Hard Disk Recording part 1 (1994)
Read: Winer chapter 8
Read: in course pack: Audibility of a CD-Standard A/D/A Loop
Read: White Chapters 10-12, 14

Quiz Due Oct 10 (Wednesday) at 6 pm

Due Oct 8 (Monday) at 6 pm

Write up your first project report (each student writes their own).
What you recorded
Where you recorded
What mics you used
Where did you place them?
How many takes did you do and how were they different?
What did you do wrong?
What would you do better next time?
What did each team member do?
Would you like to work with them again?

Oct 4


Oct 2

Read: Winer chapter 5

Sept 27

Read: in ProTools Reference Guide
pp. 481-513
pp. 555-601

Sept 25

Discuss first project with your team. Choose one person to write down the proposal and bring it to class Tuesday.
Plan and make a two-track recording. Must have at least two instruments, or guitar and voice, or drumset, or solo piano. You can play it yourself, or ask others (better!) to play while you record. Edit on the lab computer and make a 3- to 4-minute version to play in class (although the original piece may be longer).
Project is due October 4.

Read while looking at a Pro Tools Session in the lab:
Pro Tools Reference Guide.pdf (in Documents folder)
Chapters 2, 3, 11, 12 (but skip from "MIDI controls" on p.194 to "Menus" on p 208), 13.

Sept 13

On Thursday: we will meet in DISTLER. Please be on time.
Read: White chapters 1-4
Read In course pack: Coincident or Near-Coincident Mic Placement Techniques, Spread stereo mic techniques
Read: in course pack: Why does Proximity Effect occur?
Read: in course pack: Using DI Boxes

Sept 11

Winer chapter 3—download the audio files referred to in the chapter here.
In course pack: How hearing works
In course pack: “The Big Misconception”
In course pack: "Why gear doesn't matter"
in course pack: Room modes

look at:

Sept 6

Read: Weiner chaps 1, 17, 18
Read in course pack: Thompson "Understanding Audio" Chapter 5 up to “Complex Sound (Fourier)”
Study the frequency chart in the course pack.
Read in course pack: “iPod trend brings spike in noise-induced hearing loss.”