Music /ES 65 Fall 2016 Assignments and Readings
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due on the date specified

Oct 4Required: Martin Dombey talk Monday October 3, 12 noon, Granoff 155

Read: Thompson chapters 3, 4, 12
Look at

Sept 29

Read: ProTools Reference Guide pp. 440 "Record Modes"-474 "Recording from a Digital source";
pp. 517-523 "MIDI Clips and Data"
pp. 526 "Naming Clips"-563
Read: Thompson: Chapter 2 up to “recording console/mixer”
Read: Yamaha 01V96 manual (pdf here), chapter 5

Sept 27

First project is due Oct 6. Proposal is due Sept 27. Write down a one-paragraph description and bring it in.
You will make a recording with two mics. It can be solo piano, drumset, guitar and voice, or any two or more instruments. Members of the group can play, or you can ask other students to play. You will edit on the lab computers and make a 3-minute (more or less) version to play in class (although the original piece may be longer).

Read while looking at a Pro Tools Session in the lab:
Applications>Avid>Pro Tools>Documentation>ProTools>Pro Tools Reference Guide.pdf
Chapters 2, 11, 12 (skip from "MIDI controls" on p.193 to "Menus" on p 210), 13.


Sept 22

We will meet in Fisher. Please be on time.
Evening class: ALL STUDENTS, meet in room 155

Read in coursepack: Coincident or Near-Coincident Mic Placement Techniques, Spread stereo mic techniques
Read: White, chaps 9, 13

Sept 20

Read: White Chaps 5-8
Read: Thompson ch 7 (non-engineers can start at “Balanced vs. unbalanced connections”)
Read in course pack: Why does Proximity Effect occur?
Read in course pack: Using DI Boxes

Sept 15

Read: Thompson Chapter 10 (skip section on Stereo Micing techniques), chapter 11
Read: White chapters 1-4

Sept 13

Read in course pack:
"How hearing works"
“The Big Misconception”
"Why gear doesn't matter"
"Room modes"
Read in Thompson:
Chapter 5, starting with “Complex Sound (Fourier)”
chapter 16 up to “room treatment”

Sept 8

Read: Thompson Chapter 5 through p. 113.
Study the frequency chart in the course pack.
Read: In course pack: “iPod trend brings spike in noise-induced hearing loss.”