Music 62 / Engineering Science 65
Music Recording and Production
Fall Semester 2018
Instructors: Paul D. Lehrman, Matthew Azevedo (engineering)
Lab assistant: Allen Zhou
Tu-Th 3:00-4:15; extra ES 65 section Th 6:00-7:15

• Required texts —(readings are not optional)
Ethan Winer, The Audio Expert, 2nd edition
Paul White, Creative Recording 2 (not 1!) (in bookstore or online)
Course Pack (at Gnomon Copy on Boston Ave.)
Software and Hardware manuals and other readings as assigned
Assignments for each class will be announced in class and posted on the Course Website

• Grade calculation
  One quiz
  Midterm Exam
  Three recording assignments & writeups
  Final Project
  Class participation & attendance
  ES65 participation and problems
Music 62 Students
ES 65 Students

• Assignments
Most class assignments and the final project will be done in teams. The makeup of teams will be determined by the instructors and may change over the course of the semester. Each individual on the team will receive a grade based on his or her contribution to the team effort.

• Quizzes and the Midterm Exam
Quizzes and the Midterm will cover material presented in class as well as reading assignments. Each student is responsible for his or her own work..

• Attendance
You are expected to be in class on time. Attendance will be recorded and incorporated into the grading of the course. If you have a conflict that will prevent you from attending a class, please discuss it with me as far ahead of time as possible. If you are ill, or if you are going to be late, please let me know (by phone or e-mail), or else tell another member of the class, and make sure he or she tells me.

If You’re Not Going To Show Up, Don't Hang Up The Rest Of The Class Waiting For You!

You are responsible for any information presented during a missed class. If you know you are going to miss a class, and you have an assignment due that day, you must arrange with Prof. Lehrman or another student to present the material: you must make your file available, along with instructions explaining how it should be presented, and its major points of interest. If you don‘t do this, your grade for that assignment will be zero.

• Equipment and Software
Access to the lab is by using your ID card. The lab will be available during non-class hours any time that the Granoff Center is open and there is not another class in the lab (check the schedule on the door).
When you are done in the lab, Quit all programs, log out, and make sure all equipment is reset to its normal settings.
If any piece of equipment in the lab or on the cart is broken, please report it to Prof. Lehrman or Aji or Peter as soon as possible.

• Security
The door to the lab is to be kept closed and locked at all times. Do not invite friends into the lab. If there is someone in the lab who looks like he or she doesn’t belong there, you may ask them what they are doing, and if you don’t get a satisfactory answer, you may ask them to leave, or you may leave and notify the music office or public safety.

Do not give anyone your account information or password(s). Work to make the lab as secure as possible. If you are the last one out of the lab at any time, be sure the door is fully closed and the lights are turned off.

• Using the portable recording cart and microphones
The portable recording cart and all of the microphones (and cables) we use for the course are kept in the tech booth. One student on each team will have swipe/alarm access to the booth. Other students can make arrangements to get into the booth with the lab assistant.
Use of the cart (and recording space) must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. You may only use the cart during time periods that you have signed up for.
You may only use equipment that you are authorized to use, and you must return all of the equipment at the end of your sign-up time and put it away properly. Failure to follow these policies may result in the suspension of your equipment privileges.
The music department technical staff gets priority for all equipment. If a member of the tech staff needs some equipment that you have signed out or want to sign out, you must relinquish it to him or her immediately. There may be some dates the cart will not be available, and we will notify you of these.

• Backing Up Files
Once you make a recording on the cart, you must copy it to a flash drive or portable hard drive. Bring it into the lab, and load it into a lab computer in the Documents folder, or if you are not going to work on it right away, use one of the computers to put it on the server.
Make sure all of your computer files are backed up to at least two places. Do not assume that any files left on a local disk (i.e., on a particular computer) will be there the next time you come in. Do not leave any files on any Mac Desktop or the cart computer—they will be deleted.

• Consulting and office hours
Prof. Lehrman’s office is in Granoff 246, right across the hall, extension 617 627 5657. His office hour is Monday 3-4 pm, but he is also usually available for a brief period right after each class, and he will be happy to meet with you at other times, by appointment, for consulting and questions about the course work, your assignments, or other relevant topics. The best way to reach him is by e-mail at
Mr. Azevedo does not have an office on campus, but can meet with students by appointment.

• Important dates:

Sept 20 (Thurs) all students come to evening class
Sept 25 (Tues)
First recording projects assigned
Oct 4 (Thurs)
First recording projects presented
Oct 4 (Thurs) all students come to evening class:
Kathryn Bostic presentation
Oct 9 (Tues)
no class
Oct 11 (Thurs)
Second recording projects assigned
Oct 25(Thurs)
Second recording projects presented; Midterm exam, take-home
Oct 30 (Tues)
Third recording projects assigned
Nov 1 (Thurs) all students come to evening class
Nov 15 (Thurs) Third recording projects presented
Nov 20 (Tues) Final recording projects assigned
Nov 22 (Thurs) no class (Thanksgiving)
Dec 6 (Thurs) last class
Dec 11 (Tues, 1-4 pm) Final recording projects first hearing
Dec 14 (Friday, 10:30 am-12) Final recording projects presented

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