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What data does SEVIS collect?

SEVIS requires universities to collect and report the following information and any changes to this information:

  • Confirmation of registration each semester

  • Physical, local address

  • Drop below full-time study status

  • Leave of absence

  • Disciplinary action taken against student or scholar/dismissal

  • Premature termination of studies

  • Additions to dependents or updates to dependent information

  • Change in major or research specialty

  • Change in title

  • Date of Departure from the university or hospital

  • Change in funding or salary

  • Change of student's or scholar's legal name

  • Other data generated by standard procedures such as program extensions, school transfers, changes in level of study, employment authorizations, and reinstatement.

  • Any student who fails to maintain status or complete his or her program.

  • J research scholars must obtain prior approval to work or do research outside of Tufts University or to transfer to a different U.S. institution.

Tufts University, Student Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.

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