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How will the International Offices help students and research scholars comply with the immigration laws?

The international offices at Tufts are committed to assisting students and research scholars in ways that prevent status violations from ever occurring. Accordingly, these offices have instituted the following changes in procedure:

F-1 and J-1 students may have a hold put on their registration until they have checked and corrected information currently maintained by the University. Several times a year, the International Offices will send students and scholars a form containing SEVIS-relevant information that the student/scholar will be required to verify. After reviewing the information on the form, the student or scholar will update the data, sign the form and return it to his/her respective International Office. Once the signed form is received by the International Offices, any hold on a studentís registration will be removed.

Research Scholars are expected to maintain the original terms of their affiliation with Tufts at all times and must report any significant change to the International Center for the Medford campus or the International Affairs Office for the Boston campus. As noted above, changes which must be reported include but are not limited to changes in title, salary, funding source, department, job description, or address.

Reducing the course credit load

Normally, students are expected to maintain full-time status. For students on the Medford campus or attending the Fletcher school, maintaining full-time status generally means taking 3 to 4 credits per semester, although students are expected to check with their school to determine exact requirements for full-time status. Students on the Boston campus who are enrolled in the Medical, Dental or Sackler Schools or in special programs should check with their registrars regarding full-time requirements.

Occasionally, it becomes necessary for a student to drop below full-time status. Acceptable reasons for a reduced student course credit load include:

  • Illness or medical conditions (Recommendation for reduced enrollment by a medical doctor must be attached.);

  • Plans to graduate at the end of the semester;

  • Initial difficulty with the English language or reading requirements;

  • Unfamiliarity with American teaching methods;

  • Improper course level placement.

International students who are enrolled in the Fletcher School and who wish to drop below full-time status must contact the Fletcher School registrar. Students whose visa information is maintained by the Medford or Boston International Offices must go the their respective international office and obtain forms to be completed by their dean or advisor.

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