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Tufts Technology Services (TTS) at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine supports Tufts University's mission and future direction by providing information technology leadership, support, and service. TTS will strive to improve technology for teaching, learning, research, and administration. TTS works in partnership with faculty, staff, and students to assist them in attaining their objectives through the use of information technology. TTS carefully assesses the benefits of new technology by working with groups within the University.

Did You Know?  

Social Media Policy & Guidelines can be found here. The Tufts University policy regarding social media can be found here.

You can submit an incident or request to TTS via TechConnect.
A tipsheet detailing how to use the TechConnect Service Desk can be found here.

Microsoft Exchange Email -
Details, guides, and 'how to's' can be found here.

Need to reset or forgot your Tufts password? You can change your password at the TuftsTools site.

Think, Work, Act Securely - Tufts has a new website called Guard It that outlines how to safeguard sensitive information, use computing resources safely, and details how to be good stewards of information at Tufts.

Want to use Skype? Find out more here.

Need remote access to your Windows desktop to use applications specific to Tufts? Find out how to configure access here.

There are guides to find the locations for common Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word) commands for the new Microsoft Office 2013 interface. These can be found here.

Tufts VPN is a service that allows Tufts faculty and staff to securely access Tufts Local Area Network (LAN) from any computer – anywhere– that has a connection to the internet.

Microsoft Software for Home is available. Tufts University entered into a Microsoft campus agreement (annual licensing program much like a subscription) which provides Tufts faculty and staff with access to a suite of Microsoft products.

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