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Printing in Loew Medical Education Center

You can print to the Veterinary Library and Loew Student Lounge printers from a Library workstation or your personal laptop - PC only.
Apple Mac users will need to print from the library workstations.

  • You can only print while you are on the TCSVM campus.
  • Your print job will remain in the print queue for 2 hours before deletion.
  • You must install remote printing software (must be on TCSVM campus).

Printing to Library printers from your personal laptop

  1. Download and install the Pharos printer software.
  2. Printing requires a JumboCash account. This is accessed with your Tufts ID.
  3. To send a document to the printer, select File>Print.
  4. Choose a printer:
    • Toucan=color
    • Panda and Zebra=black&white
  5. When prompted, create a username (required) and a name for the print job (optional).
  6. Go to the workstation near the laser printer. Slide your Tufts ID through the card reader.
  7. A list of documents will appear on the screen. Use the mouse to select your document and choose print.

The printing cost is automatically deducted from your JumboCash account. If there are insufficient funds in your account, your card will be declined.
Duplex printing (double-sided) is the default setting. To print single-sided pages, change the printer property settings for the document.
Printing Costs:
$0.10/page (black&white)
$0.15/duplex (black&white)

$0.30/page (color)
$0.45/duplex (color)



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