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Shuttle rhymes

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Shuttle rhymes by Boris Hasselblatt

These rhymes are mostly subtle, short
because they are the shuttle sort.

A visitor to this site thought:
On Monday with the chimes I rose
and happily your rhymes I chose.***

On not quite current events:
Clinton has stolen so many a kiss,
but now it was from too canny a miss.
The White House is in a heap over ladies,
Bill might as well just leap over hades.
Thoughts of impeachment now fill Starr,
but such scenario seems still far
although the case he came to sort
and later take the same to court.
Bill kept his foes' bad ploy at bay
'til he was caught like a boy at play.
He really can be quite a charmeur
when he lets women share his armchair.
He fooled around within reach of his spouse
while Congress he would with a speech of his rouse,
in which he claimed Saddam is mad.
More to the point, madame is sad.
Is not remorse tugging your heart
when you get caught hugging your tart?
If there are more girls you hold and kiss
the voters will turn cold and hiss.
Tell your interns to lock knees
and cease from now to knock Le...s
Don't have dates arranged by stupid cops
and better yet--make sure that cupid stops.
And Paula: Use against a kiss your mace,
for courts will just dismiss your case.
Some think this was a judge's folly,
but many find the fudge is jolly.
Now Starr is nothing if not plodding
and won't be caught in this plot nodding.
Investigation shot to hell,
he finds it not too hot to shell
the White House through and "mit die" press,
and yet seems like a pretty mess.
And after much of this travail,
we've yet not had a start of trial.
The Senate trial by peers-a jest
they've made themselves through jeers a pest.
Senate leaders warned: Let go,
our ratings in the polls get low.
While they waste time with silly banter
Clinton at home plays Billy Santa.
His stature inspiring awe, remote
contrasts with them, who raw emote,
who would not dare impeach a Reagan,
whose fake-saint act can't reach a pagan.

Can you guess the obscure theme of the verses below?
In any waterway life
includes the little alewife.
Berkeley folks to evade is
the aim of many at Davis.
At dawn I found my porter
in quite a state of torpor.
If you want to go to Harvard
the tests you have to pull off are hard.
To make it big in fashion central
you have to know to make a trend sell.
While you're over in the den call
the man who said his name is Kendall.
Although reserved and snippy, Charles
Got into royal chippy snarls.
Though the neighborhood looks stark pret-
end you made it into Park Street.
He came from Kopenhagen's downtown, crossing
the water and looked down, crown tossing.
The taste sensation of South Station
abbreviates well as South Tastion.
How much does that brassy clod weigh?
He is too stout for classy Broadway.
Although she heartily loves Andrew,
she also does the loss of Dan rue.
To Stone's film on JFK U Mass;
at conspirators then may you cuss.

Robert Shaw dead--we can admire
his being a great man at choir.
He made many a chorus fan
like none other for us can.

Most singers have to stagger breathing
and suffer big-lunged braggers' teasing.

William bought a bad mill
and that makes for a mad Bill.

Leonardo da Vinci "Mona Lisa/La Gioconda" (1503-06, Louvre)
This Leonardo was to mold history:
The lady's face does seem to hold mystery.
In the Louvre her now gaulish smile
would not betray some smallish guile?
No matter her age; this thawing grin
will never, yes never, be growing thin.

James Abbott McNeill Whistler 
"Arrangement in Grey and Black: Portrait of the Painter's Mother"
(1871, Musee d'Orsay)
Whistler's mom in profile sitting
is for the Orsay's aile fitting.

Georges Seurat "The Circus" (1891, Musee d'Orsay)
May the devil curse us-
we love Seurat's "Circus".

A winner whom you train to sail
would hardly find it sane to trail.

Not everywhere do I dare squat
but certainly on that square dot.

The mafiosi gave us
the theme park that's Las Vegas.

From rose to rose they flutter by,
hummingbird and butterfly.

The Jazz for which the Russians care
is that in which percussion's rare.

I drink a glass of light wine
while I guard my white lion.

While opening my trail map
I dropped it in a mail trap.

Young couples sometimes teasing plan
to jointly get a pleasing tan.

To run your coal mine faster
just hire a fine master.

The best of male tricks:
Feed girls your trail mix.

A party for both crooks and nannies
needs a house with nooks and crannies.

So easy t'is to tell, bold
is none for whom the bell tolled.

In providing home care
don't forget to comb hair.

Guessing celebrities can be a fun game,
such as figuring out Mr. Colt of gun fame.

For Johannes Widi:
I am an admirer
of the Vienna rhymer

Holmes barked orders: Hither Watson!
We've caught the wizards with their hats on,
with illicit magic they're red-handed
and just now the gang's head ran dead.

Much unlike their peers in Boston
the internees lacked beers in Poston.**

Though I prefer to teach through reason
some students one can reach through teasin'.

Because there was a storm today
I had to find a dorm to stay;
the clouds above the dorm were stark,
the trees under the storm were dark.
And though under the fleece tonight
the thunder scared my niece to flight.

The expedition (polar) soured
because the gear was solar powered.

Pork roast, mushrooms and some kale
yields fine dining on the lake.
If you change the kale to leek
you'll stay on an even keel.

Short ones:
Why to the ballet?
To see

Bicultural sweets:
to go.

Freeing a rodent:
Rat or

Procrastination with alterations:

In mercenaries' eyes all is
to be.

New brew unveiled:

For aspiring film noir actors:
Go be

If instead they are cast on The Simpsons:
go Bart!

For outlaws:
Go lie
low, guy.

For patients of Dr.  Sogemeier:*
Go, see

tall: a

Minimal ones:
I have a name!
Me no

Clothes shopping two millenia ago:
Got a

Out of Africa:
Go to






Variation on a variation on Shakespeare:
me! Do you have any rhymes of your own to share?

*My granduncle Eberhard Sogemeier was a physician in San Mateo, he went by "Sogie" among colleagues.
**My late father-in-law grew up in an internment camp (Poston, AZ) for West Coast residents of Japanese ancestry.
***After a rhyme by Anne Barrows, who lives near the UC Berkeley campanile.
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