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Edited Books:

1.  Integral geometry and tomography Co-editor, Eric Grinberg, Contemporary Mathematics, Vol. 113, Amer. Math. Soc, Providence, RI, 1990.
2. Tomography, Impedance Imaging, and Integral Geometry, Lecture Notes in Applied Math., Vol. 30, Chief editor.
3. Analysis, Geometry, Number Theory: The Mathematics of Leon Ehrenpreis, Contemporary Math., Vol. 251, Co-editors Marvin Knopp (Number Theory), Shif Berhanu and Gerardo Mendoza (PDE), and Eric Grinberg
4. Radon Transforms and Tomography, Contemporary Math., Vol. 278, Chief editor. Co-editors Leon Ehrenpreis, Adel Faridani, Fulton Gonzalez, and Eric Grinberg
5. The Radon Transform, Inverse Problems, and Tomography, Co-editor Gestur Olafsson, (Proceedings of the 2005 AMS Short Course, Atlanta, GA) Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Math. Vol. 63, 2006.
6. Integral Geometry and Tomography, Co-editor Andrew Markoe, Contemporary Math, vol. 405, 2006.

7. Radon Transforms, Geometry, and Wavelets, Co-editors: Gestur Olafsson (head), Eric Grinberg, David Larson, Palle Jorgensen, Peter Massopust, Boris Rubin, Contemporary Mathematics, Vol 464, 2008.


11. The dependence of the generalized Radon transform on defining measures, Trans. Amer Math. Soc., 257(1980), 331-346. (pdf)
21. Support theorems for real analytic Radon transforms, coauthor: J. Boman, Duke Math. J. 55(1987), 943-948. (dvi, pdf)
22. Tomographic reconstructions from incomplete data--numerical inversion of the exterior Radon transform, Inverse Problems, 4(1988), 867-876. (pdf)
25. The mathematics and physics of radiation dose planning, coauthor Allan Cormack, Contemporary Mathematics 113(1990), 41-55. (dvi, pdf)
28. Support theorems for real analytic Radon transforms on line complexes, coauthor: J. Boman, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 335(1993), 877-890. (dvi, pdf)
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31. Singularities of the X-ray transform and limited data tomography in R^2 and R^3, SIAM J. Math. Anal., 24(1993), 1215-1225. (dvi, pdf)
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34. Radon transforms on curves in the plane, Lecture Notes in Applied Mathematics, 30(1994), 231-244. (dvi, pdf)
35. Injectivity sets for a Radon transform and complete systems of radial functions, an announcement, coauthor Mark Agranovsky , International Mathematical Research Notes (Duke J.), 11(1994), 467-473.
36. Injectivity sets for the Radon transform over circles and complete systems of radial functions, coauthor Mark Agranovsky, Journal of Functional Analysis, 139 (1996), 383-414. (pdf).
37.Injectivity of the spherical mean operator and related problems, coauthor Mark Agranovsky, in Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Applications, editors R. Deville, J. Esterle, V. Petkov, A. Sebbar, A. Yger, Addison Wesley, London (article pdf).
38.Morera Theorems via Microlocal Analysis,  coauthor  Josip  Globevnik,  J.  Geom.   Analysis  6(1996), 20-30 (article pdf)

39. Exterior and Limited Angle Tomography in Non-destructive Evaluation, Inverse Problems, 14 (1998), 339-353. (dvi, pdf)
40. A Morera Theorem for spheres through a point in C^n, coauthor Eric Grinberg, R.P. Gilbert, et al., eds. ``Recent Developments in Complex Analysis and Computer Algebra,'' (1999), 267-275. Kluwer. (dvi, pdf)
41. On the non-uniqueness of optimal radiation treatment plans, with Christoph Boergers, Inverse Problems, 15(1999), 1115-1138. (dvi, pdf)
42. Two-radius Support Theorems for Spherical Radon transforms on Manifolds, with Yiying Zhou, Contemporary Mathematics, 251(2000), 501-508. (dvi, pdf)
43. Local Tomographic Methods in SONAR, with Alfred Louis, in ``Surveys on Solution Methods for Inverse Problems'' Springer Verlag, 2000. (dvi, pdf)
44. Morera theorems for complex manifolds, coauthor Eric Grinberg, Journal of Functional Analysis, 178(2000), 1-22. (dvi, pdf)
45. Radon Transforms, Differential Equations, and Microlocal Analysis, Contemporary Mathematics, 278(2001), 57-68. (dvi, pdf)
46. Geometry of Stationary Sets for the Wave Equation in R^n, The Case of Finitely Supported Initial Data, with Mark Agranovsky , Duke Math. J. 107(2001), 57-84. (dvi, pdf)
47. Geometry of Stationary Sets for the Wave Equation in R^n, The Case of Finitely Supported Initial Data, an Announcement, with Mark Agranovsky , Southwest J. Pure and Appl. Math., 7(1) (2001), 29-37 (electronic journal, (compressed postscript, pdf).
48. Analytic Continuation of Convex Bodies and Funk's Characterization of the Sphere, with Eric Grinberg, Pacific J. Math. 201(2) (2001), 309-322 (dvi, pdf)
49. Stationary Sets for the Wave Equation on crystallographic domains, with Mark Agranovsky, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 355(2003), 2439-2451 (dvi, pdf).
50. Mean Value Extension Theorems and Microlocal Analysis, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.,131(2003), 3267-3274 (pdf).
51. Some problems of integral geometry arising in tomography (pdf) (with Peter Kuchment), appendix to The universality of the Radon Transform by Leon Ehrenpreis, Oxford University Press, 2003.
52.On a regularization scheme for linear operators in distribution spaces with an application to the spherical Radon transform, coauthor Thomas Schuster, SIAM J. Appl. Math, 65(2005), 1369-1387(pdf).
53. An Introduction to X-ray Tomography and Radon Transforms, Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics, 63(2006), 1-23 (NOTE: (A.13) on p. 19 is true for local canonical graphs not general canonical relations)(pdf).
54. Remarks on stationary sets for the wave equation, with Mark Agranovsky, Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 405 (2006), 1-17 (pdf).
55. Support theorems for the spherical Radon transform on manifolds, International Mathematical Research Notices, 2006, 1-17 (abstract: pdf), (article: pdf).
56. Local Algorithms in Exterior Tomography, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 199(2007), 141-148 (pdf).
57. Range descriptions for the spherical mean Radon transform, with M. Agranovsky and P. Kuchment, Journal of Functional Analysis, 248(2007), 344-386 (article: pdf).
58. Local Tomography in Electron Microscopy, with O. Oktem, SIAM J. Applied Math. 68(2008), 1282-1303 (article: pdf).
59. Inversion of the X-ray transform from limited angle parallel beam region of interest data with applications to electron tomography, with O. Oktem, submitted to Proc. Appl. Math. and Mech. 7 (2007), 105031-105032
(article: pdf).
60. Local Tomography in 3-D SPECT, with Tania Bakhos and Sohhyun Chung (as undergraduate research students), in Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Imaging and Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Edizioni della Normale (CRM Series # 7), Pisa Italy, 2008.(article: pdf).
61. Helgason's Support Theorem and Spherical Radon Transforms,
Contemporary Mathematics, 464(2008), 249-264 (article: pdf).
62. Electron Lambda Tomography, with Ozan Öktem and Ulf Skoglund, Proc. National Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 106(2009) no. 51 21842-21847 (preprint: pdf).
63.Local Sobolev Estimates of a Function by means of its Radon transform, with Hans Rullgård, Inverse Problems in Imaging 4(2010), 721-734. (article: pdf).
64. Reply to G. Wang and H. Yu: Both Electron Lambda Tomography and Interior Tomography have their uses, with Ozan Öktem and Ulf Skoglund, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 107(2010), E94-E95, (preprint: pdf).
65. Electron Microscope Tomography over Curves, joint with Hans Rullgård, Oberwolfach Reports, 18/2010, 1092-1095 (preprint: pdf). NOTE: We will soon have a preprint of a complete version of our results.
66. Local Inversion of the Sonar Transform Regularized by the Approximate Inverse, with Andreas Rieder and Thomas Schuster, Inverse Problems. 27(2011) 035006 (18 pages) (pdf).
67. The microlocal properties of the Local 3-D SPECT operator, with Raluca Felea, SIAM J. Math. Anal., 43(2011), 1145-1157 (pdf).
68. Microlocal Aspects of Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging, joint with Venkateswaran Krishnan, Inverse Problems and Imaging, 5(2011), 659-674.(pdf)

69.Remembrances of Leon Ehrenpreis (with Daniele Struppa, Hershel Farkas, Takahiro Kawai, Peter Kuchment, Shlomo Sternberg, and Alan Taylor), Notices Amer. Math. Soc., 58(2011), 674-681 (pdf)

Over 130 Research Lectures in the US, Europe, Israel, and Japan

Current Conferences and Minisymposia Organized click here:

Inverse Problems (Editor in chief: Alfred Louis)

Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications (Editor-in-Chief: Hans Feichtinger)
SIAM Journal of Imaging Science (Editor in Chief: Guillermo Sapiro)

Referee for numerous journals.

Recent and Current Research Support:

National Science Foundation Grant DMS 9877155; Tomography and integral geometry 1999-2002
National Science Foundation Grant DMS 0200788; Tomography and integral geometry 2002-2005
National Science Foundation Grant DMS-0456858; Tomography and integral geometry 2005-2009.

National Science Foundation Grant DMS-0908015; Local Tomography and microlocal analysis 2009-2012.

My research has been supported by the NSF, NIH, or Air Force continuously since 1982.

Industrial Collaborations:

Scientific Advisor Board, Mobius Imaging.
Member BLL, formerly Scientific Advisory Board, Breakaway Imaging, now a Medtronic company.

Patent pending between Tufts and Sidec, Stockholm.

Consultant for medical and industrial companies, including Perceptics, Inc., Sidec, Stockholm, and Visualization Technology, Inc.

Recent Department and University Responsibilities:
Department Curriculum Committee Head, 2010-

Academic Review Board, 2006-2011

Interim Department Head 2007-2008
Academic Review Board, 2006-
Educational Policy Committee, 2000-2004, 2009-2011
   Cohead 2000-2002, 2003-4
Phi Beta Kappa Executive Committee 1986-
    President 1987-1990
Department Hiring Committees
Department Academic Honors


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