Galactose Conversion

About GSeeME

In an effort to increase education and quality of life for children with galactosemia we have compliled a network of resources and materials for educators and parents. Use the sidebar tabs to navigate through this site and communicate with others working with children diagnosed with galactosemia.



Furthering research and information across the educational, medical, professional, and family communities; it is the mission of GSeeME to provide a communication tool to close the existing knowledge gap regarding galactosemia.

Site Overview

This site provides an overview of what galactosemia is and how it effects children. There are answers to frequently asked questions about galactose free foods, ingredients to avoid, and where to find additional resources.

There is a section for teachers regarding classroom strategies and curriculum modifications for these students, and a discussion forum for the educational community working with these students.

There is also a section just for parents about what to expect when your child goes to school for the first time, suggestions for working with educators, a discussion forum with other parents, and a variety of resources.

PDF Understanding Galactosemia: Resources for Educators

PDF Galactosemia

PDF Hillary Goldfarb: Understanding Galactosemia