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Mark DeVoto


Since I last revised this website, my promised Schubert book has been published: Schubert’s Great C Major: Biography of a Symphony (Pendragon Press), and it’s a nice little item of about 125 mostly non-technical pages. I have included the cover and an excerpt.

Lately, I have published in a non-musical area, The Selected Letters of Bernard DeVoto and Katherine Sterne (University of Utah Press).  I spent twenty years working on this family project.  The published volume amounts to only about one-fourth of the total correspondence; the rest is to be available soon on a website. Click here for an excerpt.

Last year, 2012, was a busy year; I gave a paper at a Debussy conference in Montreal, wrote some music, and completed a draft of another long-term project, a textbook tentatively titled Melody and Musical Texture, which is looking for a publisher. You can read an excerpt of it here. (Sorry, musical examples not yet available, but you should be able to figure them out.)

Sometimes you can find me on "The Boston Musical Intelligencer."






This is the place.

Brigham Young, on reaching the valley of the Salt Lake, 1847




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