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Launched in New York in 1892, Vogue had a coverline of “Fashion, Manners, Society, The House, Literature, Art, Music, Drama.” Fashion was only a small part of the magazine, as the industry was still in its infancy.

The early 1900s marked the rise of the haute couture movement in Paris. Women of the upper classes coveted the Parisian designs, which set the tone for the rest of the Western fashion world. These designs debuted at horse races, and Vogue took on the role of informing the public about what was going on, who was going where, and what was being worn. Corsets and full skirts enhanced unnatural curves, and hats grew out of control.

However, as World War I began in 1914, attention and resources were drawn away from fashion. British Vogue launched in 1916, but the emotional and economic consequences of war were making androgynous dressing more popular.


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Rise of Haute Couture 1890s-1920
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