The exclusivity of haute couture actually causes it to run at a loss to design houses, but they create these fashions anyway for purposes of cultivating intangible desirability that makes their ready-to-wear clothing more coveted. Additionally, couture can be a way to experiment with new, expensive fabrics and techniques before introducing them to the mass market. However, the infeasibility of creating couture clothing leads many to criticize its practicality and ability to survive in the modern age. The fact that this largely unattainable custom still exists in a time of such economic difficulty is an indication of how much people want to dream and escape from reality.

Haute couture means “high sewing” in French and implies the highest levels of quality and detail in clothing manufacturing.  These garments are custom- designed and hand-sewn for individual clients at extremely high cost.  To qualify as true couture, a garment must be manufactured by one of 11 registered Paris couture houses.

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