Montserrat Teixidor i Bigas

My research interests are in the area of Algebraic Geometry and more specifically moduli spaces of curves and of vector bundles on curves.

I am a member of the "Vector Bundles on Curves" research network [link]

I am a coorganizer of the "Vector Bundles on Curves" BU/Tufts seminar in Fall 2006 [link] and the Clay workshop on Vector Bundles on Curves.In Spring 2007, we continue with the Vector Bundle on Curves Seminar, now located at Tufts.

In Spring of 2007, I am teaching:
  • Abstract Algebra II MATH 146
  • Discrete Mathematics MATH 22
Information for students in these courses is in the blackboard website

I work with the Education Department in the Master [link] and PhD. Programs [link] in Math Education.
I also act as liason between the Math and Education Departments in the MAT program [link]

In my free time (what free time?) I like spending time with my family, hiking, gardening and cooking.

Publications and Preprints

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