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Undergraduate Research

Follow this link for a list of the undergraduate students who have worked in the Cebe Research Group.

Amelia Downs at weighing scale
Amelia Downs, an undergraduate physics major, weighs a sample for use in the scanning calorimeter.
Robert Judith
Robert Judith, an undergraduate engineering physics major, aligns the home-built optical ellipsometer, used to determine optical properties of shear oriented polypropylene.
Matt Cardarelli at Ellipsometer
Matt Cardarelli, an undergraduate physics major, performs optical experiments using a home built transmission ellipsometer.
Matt at light box.
Matt Eakle tests the operation of a liquid crysal cell.
Yaniel at APS
Yaniel Cabrera, an undergraduate majoring in physics and mathematics, presented his work at the American Physical Society meeting in Pittsburgh.
Kevin Li prepares solutions.
Kevin Li, an undergraduate physics major, prepares solutions of PET and PLA for electrospinning.