Tufts University
Professor of Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning


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Tufts University
Founded in 1852.To learn more about Tufts' schools and colleges, faculty, programs of study, library, continuing education, review the Tufts web site.

Urban Environmental Policy & Planning
Founded in 1973 (initially as a graduate program) the Department of Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning is situated within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The Department offers a two-year master's degree and a variety of dual and joint degrees with other departments to prepare public-spirited individuals for challenging careers in government, nonprofit organizations, citizen advocacy groups, and the private sector. The Department now also offers a one-year master's degree in public policy (M.P.P.).

Council for Responsible Genetics
The Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG), founded in 1983, is a national nonprofit organization of scientists, public health advocates, and others which promotes a comprehensive public interest agenda for biotechnology. Advocacy and coalition building form the core of the CRG's work in our program areas of genetic discrimination, patenting of life forms, and food safety and environmental quality.


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