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Book Reviews

Science-Mart: Privatizing American Science [PDF]. Philip Mirowski Harvard University Press 2011.

The Bridge at the Edge of the World [PDF] James Gustave Speth. Yale University Press, 2008 Issues in Science & Technology XXV(2):89-90 (2008)

Welcome to Biotech Nation [PDF]. Moira A. Gunn. American Management Association, 2007 History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 29:382-383 (2007).

University Inc.: The Corporate Corruption of Higher Education [PDF] Jennifer Washburn Academe 91(5):63-64 (September-October), 2005.

Recoding Nature: Critical Perspectives on Genetic Engineering [PDF].Richard Hindmarsh and Geoffrey Lawrence, eds. The Quarterly Review of Biology 80:474(2005)

The Great Betrayal [PDF].Horace Freeland Judson. Harcourt, Inc. 2004. Nature Medicine 11(6):591 (June 2005).

The Hope,Hype & Reality of Genetic Engineering [PDF]. John C. Avise. Oxford University Press, 2004. The Quarterly Review of Biology 79:506-507 (September 2004).

The Fluoride Deception [PDF]. Chirstopher Bryson. Seven Stories Press, 2004, Chemical and Engineering News August 16, 2004, pp.35-36.

Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women: Exploding the Estrogen Myth [PDF]. Barbara Seaman.Hyperion Books, 2003, Journal of Public Health Policy Vol.24, No.3/4 (2003), pp.479-483.

Making Genes, Making Waves: A Social Activist in Science [PDF]. Jon Beckwith. Harvard University Press, 2002, Science and Engineering Ethics Vol.9, Issue 3 (2003), pp.435-437.

Playing God?: Human Genetic Engineering and the Rationalization of Public Bioethical Debate [PDF]. John H. Evans. University of Chicago Press, 2003, The Quarterly Review of Biology Vol.78, No. 2 (June 2003), pp.211-212.

Who Owns Academic Work: Battling for Control of Intellectual Property [PDF]. Corynne McSherry. Harvard University Press, 2001, Nature Medicine Vol.8, No. 4 (April 2002), p. 1.

The Recombinant DNA Controversy: A Memoir [PDF]. Donald S. Fredrickson. ASM Press, 2001. The American Scientist Vol.89 (Nov.-Dec. 2001), pp.564-565.

The Society of Cells: Cancer and Control of Cell Proliferation [PDF]. C. Sonnenschein and A. M. Soto. Bios Scientific Publishers, UK, 1999, BioScience Vol. 49, No. 9 (September 1999), pp. 747-8.

Research Misconduct: Issues, Implications and Strategies [PDF]. E. Altman and P. Hernon, eds. The New England Journal of Medicine, 339(8): 568 (Aug. 20, 1998).

The Biotech Century: Harnessing The Gene and Remaking The World [PDF], Jeremy Rifkin. Nature, 393:31-32 (May 7, 1998).

Dealing with Risk [PDF] by Howard Margolis The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 554:230-231(Nov.1997).

Enabling the Safe Use of Biotechnology: Principles and Practice and Appropriate Oversight for Plants with Inherited Traits for Resistance to Pests [PDF]. Environment, Vol. 39, Number 5, pages 27-30, 1997


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